The Caravel


Founded in 2014, the Caravel is Georgetown University’s only international affairs newspaper and fastest-growing publication. We take pride in our staff of over 100 students dedicated to providing quality journalism about under-reported, international news. The Caravel publishes online weekly and prints six editions per year. For the latest international news delivered directly to your inbox, subscribe to Compass World, a Caravel newsletter.


 Our History

Founded in February 2014 by three Georgetown undergraduates, the Caravel was a recipient of the 2014 Georgetown International Relations Association’s Global Generations Grant, which enabled the project to launch online in October 2014. By December of the same year, Georgetown University recognized the Caravel as an official campus publication. We published our first print edition in April 2015.

Our founders drew inspiration from the age of discovery. Key to these discoveries were the caravels; quick and versatile, the ships could navigate the rough Atlantic seas. They opened up the world.

Most importantly, though, the caravel – in its original form – was weaponless. In this sense, the ship was the perfect symbol of discovery: designed to explore the corners of the world without the pretense of imposition, to see the world as it was, and to map and share newfound knowledge.

Taking inspiration from those fearless mariners adrift at the edge of the known world, we propose to see the world as it is and map it anew. Our focus on underrepresented regions is more than a mission; it is our helm – guiding our crew, our voyages, and our product.

Over the years, we have grown far beyond our founding mission. Charting new courses in an ocean of news, we have hosted two major events to inform our readers and created an international affairs newsletter to bring the Caravel into the 21st century. We founded the Compass in January 2017 to better spread our message. It has tripled our online subscriptions and broadened our readership to an international audience. We hosted the Ambassadors Summit: Climate and Conflict in April 2017 to bring together representatives from more than a dozen embassies.

As the fastest growing student publication at Georgetown, we are a work-in-progress – made possible only by the hard work of our crew. Today, we take pride in a staff of over 100 students dedicated to providing quality reporting on international affairs. We have no doubt that our current and future crew members, with reliable determination, will take the Caravel to distant horizons as we take part in this new age of discovery.


 OUR Mission

The Caravel’s mission is threefold: to highlight under-reported news, to enhance cross-cultural understanding, and to foster regional specialization.

  1. Highlighting Under-Reported News

Traditional media organizations report news of importance to and from the perspective of their origin nation. As a result, major news outlets are oversaturated with international crises, crowding out other significant economic, political, and social developments from around the globe. The Caravel deviates from this model of reporting, instead prioritizing the news significant to each region—the very news often overlooked by traditional Western media. In doing so, the Caravel offers its readers a more in-depth view of the news than traditional organizations.

2. Enhancing Cross-Cultural Understanding

The Caravel uses a twofold reporting system that combines regional perspectives with contextual analysis. Much indebted to the diverse student population at Georgetown, we rely on local-language sources and substantial academic or personal background in the regions we cover in order to meet this goal. We stress that our articles strike a balance between reporting and analyzing, framing each news event as a coherent story through which all readers, regardless of their expertise, can understand the underlying dynamics of our interconnected world. We aim to give our readers a more nuanced and holistic view of the world.

3. Fostering Regional Specialization

As a campus publication, the Caravel recognizes that our mission goes beyond our product, encompassing our staff and on-campus presence. The organization is structured to foster a culture of continuous improvement, be it through academic enrichment, professional development, or personal growth. We pride ourselves on giving our staff the opportunity to immerse themselves in the region of their choice and transform their interest into a valuable product.