Puerto Rico: Island of Enchantment

This island, given that you explore it properly, is guaranteed to leave you enchanted. The soft, white sands of serenely beautiful beaches will swallow you. The dangling tendrils of vines in the rainforest will entangle you. The linguistic somersaults of an island fluent in Spanglish will delight you. And the consistent warmth of its people will undoubtedly charm you. Puerto Rico, placed conveniently close to the continental United States, is truly an island that has it all.

If you come looking for adventure, there are bioluminescent kayak tours, ziplining through forests, horseback riding on the beach, and el Yunque, the only national park containing a rainforest on American territory, replete with cascading waterfalls, ancient trees, and diverse hiking trails. All sea-sport activities you may look for are available, with different beaches crawling with windsurfers, jet skiers, or kitesurfers.

If you come looking for relaxation, there are miles of uninterrupted, public beaches, from the famous Flamenco Beach in Culebra, featured in Pirates of the Caribbean and constantly rated as one of the top three beaches in the world, to the rocky and perilous surf beaches of Rincon. Gilligan’s Island off the coast of Guanica, essentially an unpopulated, mangrove-covered sandbar is perfect for a day of rest, and island hopping boat tours, available from Fajardo on the Eastern coast, promise a day of adventure and relaxation blended in true Caribbean spirit. The food is unapologetically rich, heavy in starches and protein, but predictably simple. Mofongo relleno abounds in all different shapes, sizes, and meat fillings, and fresh ceviche with avocado is always available for a light break from the pork and plantains.

Gilligan's Island.

The island’s people are a unique blend of Caribbean and European with a rich history reflected in the castles and forts of Viejo San Juan. They are unbelievably friendly, with no coldness towards tourists, and always willing to share the best restaurants, beaches, bars, and day trips. This island may also be the location to which the friendliest and most helpful Uber driver are promoted.

The capital of San Juan, and especially Viejo San Juan, is a captivating representation of the island’s people and history, with architecture of the colonial era, colorfully reminiscent of Andalucian houses and churches. The walls of the city are covered with murals and mosaics in vibrant colors through which the city breathes, laughs, and dances. You will be mesmerized by the easy access to anything you could possibly want from a vacation, and the island’s beaches, forests, people, and food will indubitably leave you wanting more.